We are looking for projects and companies that regenerate or preserve our livelihoods and pursue humane and future-oriented goals. In terms of content, we pay particular attention to the business area in which the company operates and the products and services it offers.

When selecting projects, we focus on:

Improving climate and environmental protection

  • Promoting energy and resource efficiency
  • More economical use of limited or valuable resources
  • Renewable energy solutions and technologies

Consideration and/or improvement of social criteria

  • Active pursuit of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Social responsibility in the community

Proven and tested business model

  • Very high probability of repayment
  • Proven business model with sufficient equity capital

The following criteria are also relevant for us:

Location criteria

  • Projects from Austria and Germany or
  • Projects from stable countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia with high development potential (selectively also in the rest of Europe)

Financing criteria

  • Financing volume by the community from EUR 250,000 to max. EUR 2 million
  • Duration of the financing campaign from a few weeks to a maximum of 12 months
  • Loan term of three to seven years (possibly longer)
  • Interest rates in line with the market
  • Aimed primarily at investors in Austria and/or Germany

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